How do I uncover my God-Given Talents?

God programmed, each and everyone with unique talents..

To uncover yours, you need the element of Air more, which requires you to seek solitude with nature..

The world will distract you, Turn it off, focus on yourself, Focus on God and why he created you…

Learn to listen to your inner self, as this could be God speaking to you…

I have so many Me inside Me, that engage in daily conversations.

The Me, that rules over them all, I call it “discipline”

Most often you inner self, will tell you things you are not comfortable to do, don’t be lazy, just accept that it is hard, but you will give it your best…

“While thinking about the current inflation in your country, your inner-self will tell you about Farming, you will be uncomfortable but deep down, you know it’s the truth…

Farming makes you depend on God rather than Government..

That’s why, the Paradise you see, is filled with fresh fruits from the farm..

Or Who do you think, will be planting those food, it’s you of course”

Uncovering your Talents requires patience and focus & you need designs to exhibit it ..

Once you find yourself alone, you can better understand, what you love to do naturally everyday…

For people, who God programmed to have Water as their strength, might find it difficult to be alone, tomorrow article is for you..


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