Stage 3 in Business: Private Limited liability 15years or more | more of Water

I have been watching Welcome to Wrexham Season 1, 2 & 3

Wrexham a football club owned, by the iconic Rob Mcelhenney and Ryan Reynolds are a Private Limited liability company..

Such a company is where a sole proprietor, hope to get to as quickly as possible, therefore some sole proprietors seek investors, grants, loans etc

But remember the stages in Life….

Infancy to Youth,

Youth to Adulthood,

Adulthood to Maturity

In the stages of Business, you could say…

  1. Infancy is Sole proprietor
  2. Youth is Partnership
  3. Adulthood is Private Limited liability company
  4. Maturity is Public limited liability company

Now in Life, Youth always long for the Adulthood stage, it’s normal and understandable..

But you cannot rush into adulthood, you need years to pass, in order to get to that stage..

That’s how, our Universe works, that’s how God programmed Life.

So too, your business needs many years to pass, to get the stage of a Priviate liability company..

Be patience life nah Jeje


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