Stage 4 in business, Public Liability Company, 20years or more | more of Earth

A Public Limited liability company is grounded more, with Elemental approach of Earth…

It means solid sustainability..

Your company been a public trading company, you get people buying into your shares..

Your company incomes and expensives are been talked about publicly…

Public limited company like Dangote Cement is the ideal way, you need your business to settle after years of entrepreneurship..

To get to this stage usually takes 20 – 30years depending on your consistency and constant improvement….

Consistency in running a single type of business Foreverrrrr

Let’s say, you are into tailoring, you need to talk everyday about your tailor business for 20 – 30years non stop, along with daily planning to get your business to a Public limited liability company..

Consistency can help you….

Echenou Micheal designs can help you!


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