Author: Azula

  • Reach out to Customers

    Everyday, I try to reach over 300+ newly Target customers.. But WhatsApp said, slow down Instagram said continue Business is all about Marketing

  • Sir Aliko has a Rice Business

    Frankly, I always know Sir Aliko Dangote as Dangote Cement I Never knew, he had a Rice business, which is literally a Farm Business. Mr Jide, Lagos state Governor talked about it. Kindly Visit: Your Business can learn from Dangote, with a part-time food production business.

  • Humility $ Pride in business

    If you can balance, Your Humility & Your Pride Then you are good to go with Life

  • A paid Website designed by Echenou Micheal Get your Website! Kindly Whatsapp: +234 90 3380 4721

  • Yam & you

    If I plant Yam You plant Yam Who will sell Yam, for Who?

  • Your business and Farming

    Part-time Farming will sustain your Business forever….Believe me

  • Game your business with Flyer designs.

    Game your business with Flyer designs.

    Life is like a Game.. Some people starts playing their game of Life Overseas, they accumulated Money but spend aLot on Nigerian food.. I mean, why should I buy a plate of Jollof rice for £10 = 9,000 Nigerian naira. So they invest, heavily in their Business, because they know, “THAT THEY CANNOT WORK FOR…

  • Azula Means Fire

    Azula Means Fire

    The ability to get things done. Azula inc is the future name of Echenou Micheal business.  Currently Echenou Micheal has 2 Businesses, one as a passion and one as a necessity, the two Businesses are:  1. Echenou Micheal Designs 2. Echenou Micheal Farm Both businesses in the future, will be continued with the name Azula…

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