Don’t risk business stagnation!

Your business cannot remain stagnant; if it remains stagnant, then Wahala dey oo…

But no worries, you can solve all problems.

Take, for example, bro: You haven’t made sales like you used to.

What do you do?

My recommendation is to kindly use God Elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in a symbolic way to make sales. The symbolic meaning of these four elements is:

  1. Air: Plan
  2. Fire: Execute
  3. Water: Adapt
  4. Earth: Endure

So, to end your drought of not making sales, kindly use Air to reason and plan to understand how you can make sales. Execute the plan with Fire, adapt to the plan with Water (because anything you plan cannot always go according to plan), and endure any challenges with Earth.

Repeat the same cycle, just like our planet orbits around the sun, and you will definitely make sales, 100%!

That’s how God programmed our planet; just tap into it and remove your risk of business stagnation.


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