Ensure to Save Money

Rice as at today, is one of Nigerians most expensive food compare to eba and God programmed me to fancy rice as my favorite food.

See the dilemma..

The four elements..

According to the book the Bible

God is surrounded with 4living creatures, namely:

  1. Eagle – Air
  2. Lion – Fire
  3. Man – Water
  4. Ox – Earth

You as a creation of God, you also need this four elements to accomplish anything in Life, like saving your Money…

Ensuring how to save Money, starts like this..

  1. Air – you reason how to use your business to make Money
  2. Fire – you get things done, by talking about your business daily
  3. Water – you flow with Customers and collect their Money
  4. Earth – you endure problems while making money and save it, for your future dream business…

I recommend having 4bank accounts namely:

  1. For Fixed savings
  2. For Investment
  3. For Miscellaneous
  4. For Daily Expenses


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