Good Customers & Bad Customers

The word good refers to something that is right..

And the word bad refers to something is wrong…

Don’t let English confuse you

There is nothing like Good or Bad..

“You are simply doing the wrong thing at the right time”

Take our Sun for example,

If our Sun was to appear, suddenly at night, you will say it’s a bad thing..

But does this means our Sun is bad..No.. our Sun simply appears “rightly” at the “wrong” time..

Playing Football is good for me, playing Basketball is bad for me, but does this means Basketball is a bad thing, No

What I prefer, you might hate

What you prefer, I might hate

Good Customers today can be Bad Customers tomorrow..

With flyer designs, you can get all kinds of Customers..

Bad Customers today can be Good Customers tomorrow…

It’s a rollercoaster, like our planet rotating in awe………


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