The Earth in Business

As an Immortal, been patience is becoming a norm to me..

Why should I rush life, when I know I have all the time in the world..

I told my creator, I will craft my own death and make super iconic & my business in a long run will be owned by a group of serious shareholders to maintain it foundation Foreverr…

Patience is more than a virtue, it shows a high level of character in enduring anything life throws at your business..

Earth in Business requires you to endure problems & patiencely maintain a solid foundation for your business growth..

Enduring things, makes you very calm, you understand it’s only temporal..

While in endurance of a particular thing, it most often lead you again to the element of Air, where you need to reason deeply, how you can change your current circumstances to opportunities…

Life like aforementioned, is a rollercoaster


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