The Elemental Approach of Air, Fire, Water & Earth in Business…

Please stand up, at the centre of your room…

Look forward, look backward, look both side ways..

Those are your Cardinal point which comprises of North, South, East & West

This 4Cardinal Points, was programmed by God, to give life through our 4 living Elements which are Air, Fire, Water and Earth

We cannot survive, without those Elements..

In Symbolic meaning

  1. Air means Plan things
  2. Fire means Get things done
  3. Water means Flow with that thing
  4. Earth means Endure that thing

To get anything done in your business, you need this 4Elemental approach in repetition, to operate in a balance scale, at the right moment of usage…

The Elemental Approach, can be used for your business growth, so Yes you can be like Dangote..

You just need to study him and walk in your own shoes Foreverrrrr, while using God Elemental approach in Life…

After years, of Mastering the Elemental approach of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, then you will understand that the word “Satan” do not exist….

For Example:

You need to cook your favorite food..

The universal motion is:

  1. Air, You plan your food
  2. Fire, You get your food done by cooking
  3. Water, You flow with outcome of getting your food done
  4. Earth, You endure any setback, that might come while getting your food done.

Following this Elemental approach in motion, in a circular form…

You will get your favorite food done, enjoy it & you will not complain about Life or say….”oooh God, why did my Gas finish in the middle of the night”……ah

With the Elemental approach, of Air, you would have plan and anticipated that your Gas might finish during the cooking process, therefore solving the problem beforehand…

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Let’s spread the word, God cares for all things equally.

Life is Perfect, You only need to find and understand the Manual that works for you.


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