Things you do everyday

What are your 24hrs like?

Let me tell you my own 24hrs..

I wake up,

i check my daily To do list, which are grouped into 2:

  1. Find new customers
  2. Keep old customers

I open my business online shops via posting on WhatsApp, my Website etc

I reply old Customers…

I send adverts messages to plenty new people…

I create designs for my premium Customers…

I eat 4times & play PlayStation 3

Then I close my online shop at night, by posting and then, I sleep & repeat the next day.

My adverts messages, leads to customers who patronize my dream business..

The more I send, the more I meet new people who gives me Money to finance my dreams.

So what things do you do everyday?

If the things you do everyday, are not leading to your dream life, then you need proper planning.


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