“i was with my phone, i needed to send that email and once i switch on my phone, a Whatsapp notification pop ups, and look! it was my old friend calling me and i got distracted from the email i planned to send earlier on”

You living your current dream lifestyle can distract you from your other Life-Long Dreams

i Dreamt of working with Celebrities, I’m currently living my dreams and believe me the Money is good, Now i look forward to my other dreams, to design all the Websites in the world.

I could be influential, who knows and my main aim is to help, all my customers to build a sustainable business forever….

it gives me inner fulfillment, to see a business thrive from Sole proprietor to Public Limited liability company

Distractions can make you, lose focus on other Life-long dreams, Distractions can come in many ways and one way to easily identify distractions, is you asking yourself, “all the things i did today, are they leading to my dreams”

if no, then you need to re-evaluate yourself and your daily activities…

To help you re-evaluate, you need a biro and book everyday forever, you need your active To do List of your Daily Routine

Our Sun, was well planned by God, to appear every morning, na so you need to plan your life with Biro and Book to make up your Daily To do List…..


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