My To-Do List…

Our Sun, follows it To-Do list to appear every morning & disappears at night…

Everyday, I keep writing and following my own daily To-Do list Foreverrrrr.

A To-Do list is like a map that guides you on your journey toward business success…

I mean, how can you get to America from Gwagwalada without a map? Without a map, you will wander aimlessly, but with a map, you will wander precisely – that’s what your To-Do list is for.

Without a To do list, you will wonder aimlessly in Life, but with a To-Do list, you will wonder precisely in Life

Your To-Do list is your map to business success.

Some people condemn having a personal To-Do list, feeling that their brain is more than enough to accumulate and store information on what they need to do.

Our brain is like a mechanical box driven with plenty of random ideas and thoughts, which often leads to confusion.

Every day, I train my brain to focus on one thought at a time, without distractions from another thought, so I can better use the God inside me. and what helps me facilitate this, is my Daily To-Do list.

My main To-Do List is grouped into two, which are:

  1. Find new customers
  2. Keep old customers

I understand that to get your business going, you need regular customers who are willing to pay money for designs.


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