How To-Do List works

Well, I wish I had the power to collect insights, but I don’t. So, I really don’t know your current To-Do list. I guess the main question is,

Do you have a To-Do list?


is your To-Do list stored inside your brain?

Our brain is like a phone with memories. When the phone’s memories are full, you need to get an external memory card to support your memory space. If you don’t do that, and your phone’s memories become full, what will happen to your phone?

Your phone will be slow, and may even stop working until you free up its memory space.

Our brain is like a phone. When you store information in it, it becomes full. Once it becomes full, our brain filters the memories and deletes some to keep working.

Those memories your brain deleted could be great ideas that would step up your business.

Now, when you don’t write those ideas down in a book, which is more like an external memory card, your brain deletes them, and you forget. But if you write them down, then your brain becomes more relaxed, able to think and generate more ideas.

You could easily say:

Brain is Phone,

Books are Memory cards

Never underestimate the power of writing things down. It will change your entire life…”

Remember your daily To-Do list, is your Map to business success


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