Stage 1 in business: Sole Proprietor, 5years or more | more of Air

Please the 5years means running one type of business everyday not multiple Businesses ooh, for example my Mother run her school business for more than 5years before graduating to the next stage..

Focusing on one type of business Foreverrrrr, without the distractions of switching businesses, will grow your business beyond your wildest dreams..

Back then, when starting a business as a sole proprietor, I often tried to get my friends as partners to form a big company that appeared to have been operating for years.

I remember operating under the name Lauders Towncriers and getting 3-4 friends to pose as directors, so people would think it was a private limited liability company.

What a Lie!

We just tried to hype our business into a private limited liability stage, but practically gave up after a few days of operations & move to another business..

As a sole proprietor like myself, this stage is the start of a new seed – a business owned and controlled by an individual

A business that maintains one type of business Foreverrrrr…

I recommend taking five years or more to serve customers as a sole proprietor before evolving to hire workers.

November 2024 will mark my 4th solid year of serving as a sole proprietor in my design business, along with everyday consistency in talking about my business to new people..

Even if I feel I’m making enough to pay and hire someone, discipline who rules the other me’s inside me, said I should calm down, therefore I discipline myself to wait until after that five-year mark.

Just as a presidential candidate gets to rule for four years, I believe a sole proprietor should take the time to “rule” their business, learning and understanding things better.

The sole proprietor stage is like the elemental approach of Air – you’re alone in running your business, and believe me, it’s very sweet. You get to learn a lot!


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