Stages in business

In business, you first start as a Sole proprietor and gradually graduate to Partnership after 5years or more of everyday consistency…

Life, from infancy, is all about stages, and skipping those stages for temporary relief will haunt you in the future. It’s like giving a newborn baby solid rice and chicken to eat.

I’m a Sole proprietor of my business; I get every part of my business done. Soon, I will gradually enter the stage of Partnership, where my paid employees will be my partners, in order to keep the root of the business ever strong. Getting into the Public Limited Liability Company stage is a sight to behold; I mean, who doesn’t want unlimited money as a shareholder? But, like a child, we grow our business gradually before getting to that stage.

So, don’t rush life; see yourself as an immortal, and take your business website & Business Life, one step at a time, and you will understand life better than those who skip some stages in life.

Follow how God programmed our Universe to work, and believe you will find comfort in any stage you find yourself in…

The stages are:

  1. Sole proprietor
  2. Partnership
  3. Private limited liability company
  4. Public limited liability company


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