The Elemental Approach in Your Day-to-Day Life

Meta Ai has been helping me type for 2days now, but today, I will type. God programmed the Elemental approach deep inside us… many of us are already using it unconsciously. Here’s how:

You wake up from sleep and unconsciously plan your activities for the day inside your mind – Air.

You engage in those activities – Fire.

You flow with the activities because whatever you plan cannot always go according to plan – Water

You endure the challenges the activities might bring and still get things done – Earth.

You repeat the same cycle and use Air to think and plan ways to turn the challenges into opportunities. Once done, you use Fire again to get the plan done, use Water to flow, and use Earth to endure and maintain stability.

During the Water and Earth stages, you might find yourself overwhelmed, and that’s when most people call on God and lay blame on Satan. Most people during that stage give up or blame their village people…

For example, you want to build a house in your village. The Elemental approach is:

  1. Air – you plan how to raise money to build that house.
  2. Fire – you engage in activities to bring in money to build the house.
  3. Water – you flow with challenges that come with building a house, i.e., community rules, increment in building materials, etc
  4. Earth – you endure and maintain a solid foundation to withstand those challenges and still build that house.

Most people, when it comes to the Water stage, to flow with challenges and adapt to changes, will shy away and give up, starting to call on God, “Why, God, why? God is not at fault, neither is Satan at fault…

The fault lies with your inability to understand and implement the Elemental approach in your life.

For example, you really want to relax in your house and watch that sweet movie… The movie is a must-watch. See how the Universe unconsciously guides you:

  1. Air – You plan within your inner thought when you intend to watch the movie.
  2. Fire – You get things going and start watching the movie.
  3. Water – you flow with some parts of the movie that you don’t like.
  4. Earth – you endure some factors in watching the movie for hours before it ends.

After the end of the movie, you unconsciously use the element of Air again to reason and plan another movie that you would like to watch, and therefore, you use Fire to watch it… You often hear people say, “No matter what, I must watch that movie finish.” Such a statement renowned the use of the Elemental approach to get anything done.

So, if you can successfully pass all the challenges to watch a movie, why can’t you do the same to achieve your dreams in life and build that house you always wanted?


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