“Easier said than done.

Yes, talk is cheap, actions are expensive… Even more so, adapting and enduring to that action is most expensive.

As a business owner, you need absolute focus in your day-to-day life along with Flyers…

You need to focus on God, why He created you, and ignore humans.

In each human creation, God took time to create you, and that time is valuable, and you need to uphold it.

You can get anything you want; you just need patience.

The Universal phase of life aligns with the Elemental approach to get anything you want.

Take for example…

  1. Air: Morning
  2. Fire: Afternoon
  3. Water: Evening
  4. Earth: Night

This sequence represents a cyclical pattern, where each element and its corresponding time of day symbolize a phase of growth and development:

  1. Air: Morning – New beginnings, fresh ideas, and inspiration. The morning represents a clean slate, and Air symbolizes intellectual pursuits and creativity.
  2. Fire: Afternoon – Energy, passion, and growth. The afternoon represents the peak of activity, and Fire symbolizes drive, motivation, and transformation.
  3. Water: Evening – Reflection, intuition, and adaptation. The evening represents a time for review and adjustment, and Water symbolizes emotional intelligence, flexibility, and resilience.
  4. Earth: Night – Rest, consolidation, and manifestation. The night represents a time for rejuvenation, and Earth symbolizes grounding, stability, and tangible results.

This cycle repeats itself, just like the cycles of nature:

  • Morning (Air) leads to growth (Fire)
  • Growth (Fire) leads to reflection and adjustment (Water)
  • Reflection and adjustment (Water) lead to consolidation and manifestation (Earth)
  • Consolidation and manifestation (Earth) lead to new beginnings (Air)

This sequence can be applied to various aspects of life, including business development.

In the stages of business we have:

  1. Air: Sole proprietor
  2. Fire: Partnership
  3. Water: Private limited liability company
  4. Earth: Public limited liability company

Tomorrow, we will expand more on each stages and why you need to follow them 1stage at a time, without skipping..


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