Water to Air….

Every human on planet Earth has strength & weakness.

No wonder people get married, to find their better half, to cover for their weekness.

To understand…

“You may use your Left hand (Strength) more, compare to your Right hand (Weakness)

While some might use their Right hand (Strength) more compare to the Left hand (Weakness)”

People who God programmed to have Water as the strength, need to be alone to reason about their life to uncover their God given Talents…

Learn to have a constructive & 100% honest coversation with your inner-self and write down important points..

don’t lie to yourself…

Lying fine-tune the actual reality of your life…

The truth is always bitter, embrace it, discuss about it with yourself and jot it down inside a book, to give your brain more memory space, so your head will not be full….

Try 1day alone and 1day with people, for 365days till infinity….

Remember, even when you are alone, God is inside you, and if you honestly open your heart to him, he will direct you to better understand your God-Given Talents….


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