My Water people…

I’m extremely weak in Water..

Let us define, the 4 major category of people living on our planet.

“This 4categories of people has all 4elements inside them” but some element are their strength, while the others are their weakness…

  1. Air: To know, if your strength is Air, You must enjoy reasoning, planning and been alone easily..
  2. Fire: To know, if your strength is Fire, You must enjoy getting things done without thinking twice easily
  3. Water: To know, if your strength is Water, You must enjoy the flow of people and social gathering easily
  4. Earth: To know, if your strength is Earth, You must know how to endure things easily

You could easily say:
Air & Earth people are introverts


Fire & Water people are extrovert

Now People, with Water as their strength may find it difficult to be alone, to reason life & use flyer designs to make Money…

Tomorrow i will, let you know, you are not alone & Expand on illustrated element of Water….


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