Why Trust Echenou Micheal?

Don’t Trust me, Try to Trust yourself..

My 2021 friends, were extremely tired when I keep telling them to focus on themselves..

If you cannot absolutely control your own thoughts, why should you focus on another person?

Even the Book Bible says “Mind your business”

Focus on yourself…

I mean, sometimes I promise myself to maintain a budget and I say, I will never buy that Fry Fish from Iya Kadija….

But while passing by Iya Kadija kiosk, the aroma, I mean the Tá sún sún of the fish, was calling me..

All of a sudden, I forgot my senses, I forgot my budget and brought the Fish…

I try to justify myself, by saying, “this life, I can’t kill myself, allow me to flex, nah only 1 life I get nah”

Unknown to me, Even myself cannot trust myself..

I work hard everyday to maintain Focus & discipline to enhance my Trust at all cost, that’s why the Me that rules all the other me’s inside me is called “Discipline”

Discipline enables you to be Trustworthy, ask any of my customers..

I Always Deliver….


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